We innovated ‘stay-up magic’ inside the sock’s band!

OK, OK so maybe it’s not exactly magic, but it’s like magic! Our patented technology lines the inner band of each sock with a grippy, non-slip silicone patterned to expand and contract and perform the hard work of keeping socks from slipping off of little feet.

We believe in a ‘no sock left behind’ kind of life for kids.

We also believe in high quality, innovation, and keeping little feet cozy and comfortable, all while looking good. Because the everUP™ sock line is powered by goldbug inc., innovation and high quality are defining factors in our products. goldbug is a family-owned and operated business. Based out of sunny Denver, Colorado, goldbug, inc. designs, manufactures and distributes accessories for little ones and is one of the largest distributors in the United States. The everUP™ arrow mark located underneath the sock’s welt ensures that the socks are authentic to both the everUP™ brand and goldbug’s pursuit of uncompromising quality, style, innovation and customer service.


Our mark represents patented stay-up technology & authentic quality.


Socks that stick around and refuse to fall down...


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